22 October 2009

Complacent with Clutter

I've never been one for order. I mean, I like having orderly, but I don't live a very orderly life. I'm complacent with clutter. I learn to get over it. But with us moving into our very first house in a matter of weeks, I want to turn over a new leaf.

I think I've eased my way into a good mojo with working out using the Couch to 5k Program. I've been really good about getting my butt to the gym at least three times a week to get my workout in. Now I just need to adjust my life so that things are less cluttered, more organized, and less stress inducing.

And I admit that it's been a team effort in becoming complacent with clutter. My husband has about the same tolerance level as I do. Unfortunately, we're both "pilers, not filers" and fall victim to just stacking things up and deciding to come to them later. And when we get into the new house, I don't want it to be this way.

I started reading David Allen's Getting Things Done and I think it's a very doable system. But it has to be done. It has to become a habit. One of the things that he says is a must when implementing a good life/work management system is a home base. A place where you always go to take care of business. Right now, in the apartment I don't have this. I do work all over the place. In fact, that's why I sometimes have to make myself go to Starbucks in order to focus and get work done. It's kind of silly, but true.

A couch is not a home office.

We should be moving in soon. Like in 2 weeks. My plan is to take two days once we're settled and start the GTD system. Because I can't be complacent with clutter anymore.

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