11 August 2011

Prayer please...

On Tuesday, while I was getting my tire repaired and another replaced (I so hate car troubles!), I received some devastating news. I learned that a former co-worker and friend of mine was just diagnosed with lymphoma. Cancer. That's all I know for right now, I don't know what type, what stage, or what the prognosis is. It really came out of nowhere.

She's 27.
She exercises and eats healthy.
She has her life ahead of her.

And probably most challenging of all, she's been unemployed for about a year and has no health insurance. I can't even imagine the stress she could be going through on top of finding out that she is sick.

If you're the praying type, please pray. If you're the well wishes type, please send those.

I'm so heartbroken for my friend. I hope that they found it early...

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