15 September 2011

Starting Turbo Fire on Monday...

So to add in a little more oomph to my daily routine, I'm starting Turbo Fire on Monday. I joined a group started by a friend of mine to keep each other accountable and to encourage each other. And not let each other quit.

I'm both excited and slightly terrified.

Seriously. But I'm DETERMINED.

I'm determined to make a difference. I hope to continue on this streak of losing pounds, and now also building more muscle. I lost another pound last week, even with my family in town and throwing my eating habits out of whack. Thankfully, it's really all about being conscious of what I eat, so when we went to Chick-Fil-A, I had determined what I could eat and did not go over that.

Self control is HUGE.

And for the the next 90 days, WILL POWER will also be HUGE.

This program is going to take commitment.
This program is going to take determination.
This program is going to take pure will.

And to help track my progress, I took BEFORE photos. Let me just say, that is definitely a special kind of torture. And a definite reality check. I don't think I have the traditional body dysmorphic disorder, where the person is usually really skinny and they think they are overweight. I am overweight, but I don't think I know how big I really am. Taking these photos let me see that undeniable truth.

The program is set to end right before Christmas, where I hope to be able to buy a new pair of jeans in a smaller size. That's the goal! By my birthday in February, I hope to have a new outfit!

In fact, I started a whole new pinboard on Pinterest to pick out looks I'd one day like to be able to wear. When I have my waist back. You can check out the board here.

And if you have any interest in doing Turbo Fire, let me know! It's not available in stores, but I am a Beachbody Coach and can order it for you. 

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