05 September 2011

Weight Watchers: The First Month

Every time that I step on the scale and the number has gone down, I kind of can't believe my eyes.

And I just get SO excited.

 I'm at the one month mark, and so far, I have lost 6lbs.

 6 POUNDS! And while that might not seem like a lot, it is a huge stride for me. It's the first time that I've weighed what I do since I put the weight on about eighteen months ago.

Through all the things I've tried, P90X, 4 Hour Body, and counting calories, I've never lost weight consistently, and I've never stuck to it.

So I'm excited.

It all started like this. I lost a few pounds prior to our wedding. We were in the honeymoon phase, eating out all the time, eating whatever we wanted, and unlike my husband, who seems to have the metabolism of a bumble bee, I do not. And the weight started to creep up. And up. AND UP, to the point of the highest weight I've ever seen. It was horrifying.

And I said "Enough is enough." Seriously.

Of course, it took me almost two years to gain all this weight and because it was gradual, I guess I didn't really notice it. Or I ignored it. Probably a perfectly mixed concoction of the two. That was probably the kicker.

So I finally decided that I couldn't just be complacent anymore. I couldn't continue to make excuses because I'd never lose the weight that way. Last month I saw the promotion to join Weight Watchers online for free with a prepaid 3-month membership. And I figured that if Jennifer Hudson could do it, so could I.

I was a little skeptical at first, but when after the first week a pound came off, I thought, "Well maybe this is working." Then the following week another two pounds came off, and by the third week another pound!

Just by tracking my food and doing some exercise has been great in enabling the pounds to come off slowly and safely. I plan to continue steady with this, and the best thing is that I haven't had to sacrifice anything, I haven't had to eat only certain foods, I just have to keep track of what I'm eating. Obviously, I can't eat a quart of ice cream, but I can have the allotted serving size of 1/2 a cup. Which, when I'm craving something sweet is just perfect.

If I'm on track with my weightloss, I'm hoping to hit 10lbs lost by the end of the month. Which is just SO EXCITING! Thank you Weight Watchers.

And eventually, I'll have a waist again. Goodbye muffin top!

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  1. Congrats! I'm in desperate need to get myself healthy again... This is super motivating!