04 January 2010

Menu Plan for January 4-8, 2010

Being sick sucks. I have no will to do anything. But alas, as a grown up, besides my husband, there's no one else who can pick up my slack. I still have to make dinner. I still have to keep up the house. I still have work to do. It doesn't end.

In an effort to help myself keep on track and think less about what to eat, I'm forging a movement through 2010 of planning our meals for the week. I'm comfortable with routine breakfasts and lunches, it's just dinner that I'd like to mix up.

Monday - Shake & Bake Chicken and French Style Green Beans
Tuesday - Turkey Tacos
Wednesday - Spaghetti with Whole Wheat Pasta
Thursday - Porkchops and broccoli
Friday - Most likely leftovers

We'll see how this goes!

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