20 June 2011

Car Trouble...

Oh for the love of car trouble.

Seriously. It's something I dread worse than the dentist. Or the OB/GYN office. Or home improvement problems.


Saturday, on our way to church, my car died. We got into my car and it wouldn't start. Dead. Kaput. Nothing. I could hear a little clicking noise and the power wavered. So my best car instincts (what little there is) told me that it was the battery.

Great. Luckily, between calling AAA, waiting for a tow, and figuring out what was up, the tow company that partners with AAA gave me a deal on a new battery with warranty. Phwew. This is not the time for having to spend an arm and a leg on car repairs. And my car has been soooo good to me for the last three years. The tow truck guy told me my battery was corroded! Yikes! And that it was about time for a new battery anyway. So it was coming.

That day just happened to be today.


Sometimes, I wish I was a mechanic. Or, at least had some of the rudimentary expertise of a mechanic.

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