06 June 2011

Cute Baby and Kids' Rooms...

So the Mister and I have breached the topic of kids. We talked about it before we got married, and now that we are almost two years into our marriage, we've revisited the topic. At first we said that we'd start trying in 3-4 years (from when we married). Then that became 2-3 years. And this weekend, he mentioned that he wanted to shorten the timeframe to start trying in 9 months or so. Not going to lie, I was both shocked and excited. Part of me is terrified to have a baby, but the other part of me totally has baby fever, especially with so many friends pregnant or with new babies. I guess it's just that time in our lives. First it was dating. Then weddings. Now babies!

Since babies are on the brain, I thought I'd share some baby room inspiration for when the time comes. Not yet though!

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Happy Tuesday!

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