31 July 2011

Chalkboard Ideas

So to get my mind off of the whole job thing, I thought I'd blog some of my favorite chalkboard ideas.

I have a wall in the house that is totally blank. It's right across from the kitchen and would be perfect for a chalkboard of some sort. Maybe for the week's menu, a weekly schedule, or maybe just a to do list. There's just something about chalkboard and the invention of chalkboard paint that is totally awesome!

It might even help up be more organized. I know I could totally use something that would help us stay on track for our weekly menus. Usually, I'm pretty good Monday and Tuesday...and then by Wednesday I lose steam. With a menu on the wall, I think we could stick to it. Or at least it would be pretty.

All images found via Pinterest. Check out my stream for more inspiration!

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