30 July 2011

Waiting and Patience

Oh. It is so difficult to be patient. Seriously.

I also know that there's no point in worrying because everything will happen as it happens and there's nothing I can do about it. So really, I should just sit back, relax, and see how life unfolds.


Well, that job interview went really well, I know that my references were called, and I have a second interview on Tuesday. I think the thing that is killing me is that I (unfortunately) found out that I do have a contender for this job. I mean, I suppose that I thought I would, but today it was confirmed. So that means that I don't for sure have that job. I still need to knock it out of the park again. Great.

And if I'm being totally honest, this is the first time that I really, really, really want this job. I think it showed during the first interview. Now I just need to bring it again and show that my intentions are true and good and that I. WANT. THIS. JOB.

Oy. I know. I need to relax and chill out. Because, really? I can't do anything more than do my best. And as Tony Horton of P90X says, "Forget the rest."

So I'm just going to do what I know I need to do. Let go and leave it up to God. F'reals. That's the best bet.


  1. Sending positive vibes your way - YOU CAN DO THIS!!

  2. Thanks Stephanie!! :) I will keep you posted!