11 July 2011

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

This weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix on recommendation from a friend called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It's about Joe Cross' journey from being (aptly named) fat, sick, and nearly dead at 41, to going on a 60 vegetable-fruit juice fast and totally reversing his ailments, losing 90lbs, and feeling better than ever. The documentary also chronicles another man's journey, a truck driver that Joe Cross met on his cross-country drive who asked him for help. The truck driver went from fat, sick, and nearly dead at 42 and 429lbs, to becoming an advocate for eating real foods and losing over 200lbs!

My aunt had told me about the benefits of juicing a few years ago and I kind of just brushed it off. Probably because she's fit as a fiddle and didn't really have any weight to lose. But seeing the results of two men who started overweight and sickly and making progress over time, and making a LIFE CHANGE, was huge. It's worth a try, and goodness knows that I need more vegetables in my life. Maybe the juice form will make them much easier to eat!

You can check out the documentary website here and the movement here.

Has anyone ever gone on a juice fast? Has anyone ever juiced before?

After watching this documentary, I'm interested in trying out a juice fast for ten days. The least that would happen is that I'd be getting my vegetables. The best that could happen is that I drop a few pounds, which I really need to do!

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