28 September 2009

Newlywed thoughts: Setting up home

One of things that I have always dreamed about growing up, before I ever had a boyfriend, before I ever had an inkling that I would ever get married is setting up my future home.

I'm a super HGTV junkie. A big fan of interior home design. I have aspirations of being an organized person with an organized home. Not necessarily OCD super organized, but one where clutter doesn't gather unreasonably, and living is as close to effortless. Dream world right?

When I realized that we'd be able to buy a house so much sooner than later (I found a goals list that said 6/2011 was my goal for buying a house), I got really excited about the decorating aspect of owning a home. I even got excited about the home improvement side of it. I've refinished cabinet, scraped popcorn ceiling and re-textured it, and painted, painted, painted.

I'm so excited about getting started on OUR house!

The last few days, the focus of my blog stalking has shifted from wedding planning and inspiration galore to a relatively new concept -- "Nesting", just another word for setting up a home together and making it yours. I've been reading about recipes, home organization, home DIY projects, and so much more. Thank God for the internet!

Here are some of my new favorites:
Happy Monday!

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