03 September 2009

Today I made cupcakes.

I love cupcakes. Well, cake in general. They are quite possibly my favorite kind of carb.

Today seemed like a good day for cupcakes. I know that it's not the most beneficial type of food for my diet or change to healthier eating (I really need to learn to eat more vegetables). But when you work from home, you can get bored when there is a lull in the workload. And there's never a good reason not to make cupcakes. At least for me.

Granted, these cupcakes are from a box. But I give myself kudos for rolling up my proverbial sleeves and getting in the kitchen. Not that the kitchen scares me, but we're still acquaintances, hopefully on the road to someday being BFFs. I hope.

Still, I think it's a win in the cooking book.

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