09 September 2009

Threadless, my favorite place to buy t-shirts

I don't remember when I discovered Threadless. I think it was a coworker of mine who had a shirt from Threadless. It was really cute.

As soon as I checked what other shirts they had available, I was totally sold. They had cute shirts. Quirky shirts. Sarcastic shirts. Shirts unlike any other I've seen. And, all designs are user submitted. Threadless users get to vote on shirt designs and winning designs are printed. It's a shirt democracy!

The quality of shirts is awesome and they are great for a dress down day. Or lounging around the house. Or for everyday wear. Whatever.

And today, in honor of it being September 9, 2009 or 09/09/09, they are having a $9 t-shirt sale. ALL t-shirts! How cool is that?

(all photos/illustrations from Threadless.com)

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