27 September 2009

Tips on Wedding Thank You Notes: How to Finish them!

Photo from CutiePie Company Creative Commons License

One of things that I thought I would accomplish post wedding without any trouble were the Thank You notes. I had all kinds of free time. I didn't have a day job to keep me busy.

Well, Internet, it's two months post wedding, and they are not done.

Actually, that's inaccurate. About 80% are written, but only 20% are addressed. 0% have been sent out. Great. Right? Why haven't I sent out the first batch? I can't say. I don't have a good reason. And really, I just need to address them and put them in the mailbox.

But I need to get them done. Post haste. So they can stop hanging over my head.

So here are my tips to getting the Thank You notes done.

  • When you are opening gifts from the wedding, keep a running list of who gave you what.
  • When opening gifts sent directly from the store, keep the package contents list.
  • Keep your address list/address book handy!
  • Use your lists to cross off who has been thanked and move along.
  • Set aside an hour a day and make a goal to complete 5-10 within that hour. Repeat the next day.
  • Don't forget to buy stamps!
Happy Thanking!

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